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The Best Ways to Find a Furnished Apartment in Houston

Houston is enormous, with over 5.8 million people in the Metro region . Searching for unfurnished or furnished apartments in Houston could be daunting for anyone moving here or simply moving across town.

The town also has earned a positive reputation as a leading city for new college grads based on cost of living, access to rental properties, annual wages, and unemployment rate. No wonder that the 20 to 30 ages would be the most populous here!

So what is the best way to discover flats? Lets dive in...

Your lifestyle

There are more than 600 square miles of area, and many neighborhoods to pick from. Families, for instance, might be interested in a top school district, so Great suggests researching schools initially, and then the areas in the favorite district. Folks without kids may prefer a inland area for dining, shopping, and nightlife, which provides another solution to narrow down the search. If you're downsizing, make sure you locate a neighborhood with easy access to some self-storage facility so you won't ever be short on space.

Discover the different neighborhoods

Locate the hot neighborhoods in the city by subscribing to Culture Map a few months ahead of your move. Then begin research what makes every locality unique. has a wonderful listing of 18 Houston areas to compare and contrast. Greater Houston Partnership offers a free relocation and newcomer guide, filled with a plethora of info around education, neighborhoods, jobs, health care, and more.

Use online sites

here are quite a few internet websites to help with your Houston apartment search, such as,, and A useful feature at is its own location filtering, which filter and also reveals areas of Houston that fit your specs and links to specific properties.

In the 4th largest town, you can really rent a 2-bedroom furnished apartment at a Class A apartment community for a great prices through a number of these websites.

Job growth in Houston has been uprising continues to be optimistic, even with the temporary downtown in oil costs, College grads love Houston for these economics: a good paying job in an inexpensive town which has a fantastic urban scene and all of the sports teams.


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