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Google Got Furnished Apartments Wrong

Google has taken a huge next step, putting all the pieces together, by including flights, hotels, packages, and trip-planning tools on a dedicated website and in Google Search and Google Maps. Google’s foothold in travel just got even larger. In a blog post written by Richard Holden, Google vice president product management, travel, Google said last year it made it easier to navigate between Google Flights, Google Hotels and Google Trips “easier on smartphones,” and the company claims the desktop treatment is similar to what it did on mobile. But the mobile rendition of these features didn’t assemble the various travel components in such a one-stop-shop manner. Along with all the changes google took in the past 6 months they have changed the algorithm of the search results when typing " furnished + apartments + houston " or other city houston is just an example here. If you type furnished apartments houston today you'll get the most none relevant search results, you will reach websites that do have apartments content but its not the content a user is searching for when looking for furnished apartments or corporate housing, the conspiracy is that google wants to dominate the travel world and by reducing the exposure of furnished apartments companies they can clean up all the small time providers who built their business and based it on google search engine, but for real nobody knows or can tell why this change happened and if it will stick and for how long.


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