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Renting a furnished apartment is obviously the best way to stay now days, comfortable and spacious apartments which replace the old small extended stay rooms or motels with almost the same price. the quality difference in renting furnished apartment is the big secret many people already discovered, furnished apartments comes with all bills paid with free access to amenities such as swimming pools, gym, business center etc. The tip we want to share with you in renting furnished apartments in Houston is when talking or the agent and if you can be flexible with the location you can ask if there is any back to back move in option to one of the apartments in the inventory, usually back to back which mean your moving in adjacent to the current guest moe out, the price can be reduced. of course there are other parameters that the agent needs to consider but usually it works and it cost you noting to ask. We welcome you to contact us for any questions we love talking to people we like to serve.

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77056, 77030, 77098, 77006, 77002, 77054, 77046, 77057, 77004, 77024 


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Downtown, Galleria, Greenway PlazaMidtownMedical Center Houston, Upper KirbyUptownEnergy Corridor and more...

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